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Childbirth Education and Yoga for Labor

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Prenatal Yoga - Coming to Zoom soon!

Strengthen mind, body and spirit in preparation for labor and delivery with a class designed to help expectant moms deepen their experience and enjoyment of pregnancy. Class includes yoga postures to address and relieve the common discomforts of pregnancy; relaxation techniques and breathing exercises to ease fear and anxiety; abdominal and pelvic floor toning to enhance postnatal recovery. This class is beneficial at anytime during pregnancy.

Moms-to-be are sure to leave our Prenatal Yoga, Prenatal Pilates, and Prenatal Power classes feeling strong and relaxed. And we offer so much more...

Pregnancy is a special time of change, overload of emotions and lots of planning. We believe that having a good support system is as important as being in good physical and mental shape during this time.

At Karma Kids Yoga, we strive to make your transition into motherhood as smooth as possible. That's why we offer a range of tools that include:

  • Prenatal Yoga, Prenatal Pilates, and Prenatal Power classes
  • Childbirth Classes (Childbirth Education and Yoga For Labor Workshop).
  • A free, ongoing baby-wearing clinic where you can recieve personalized assistance in choosing and working the best baby carrier for you and your baby
  • Breastfeeding preparation workshops
  • Doula Referrals and Doula Speed Dating events
  • Partnership with Union Square Moms, the neighborhood playgroup where you can meet other local moms and babies
  • Pregnant Belly Parties
  • Essential Oils for Pregnancy
  • Mom & Baby Yoga and Mom & Baby Pilates
  • Baby Yoga & Developmental Movement

If you have classes remaining in your Prenatal Package, you can use them for Mom & Baby Yoga!

All of our instructors have extensive and specialized training, which means classes are carefully planned and carried, but you can always come to a class with a special request that will be met. Our groups are small to ensure lots of personal attention and a more intimate setting.

Prenatal class packages may transfer to Mom & Baby Yoga and Pilates classes.

We also offer private sessions at our studio, your home or office. Private sessions can be 60 or 90 minutes long and require an appointment.

Can't make it to class? Check our our YouTube channel for some great Prenatal videos.

Personal questions regarding your pregancy? Email Juliana Secches, our Prenatal Yoga Director at prenatal@karmakidsyoga.com.


From our clients...

"I just wanted to write and tell you how thankful I was that I went to prenatal Pilate's and yoga on a regular basis during my pregnancy.

My baby was sunny side up which caused some difficulties especially during transition. I had to be very active during labor and the midwife had me changing positions very often in an attempt to get the baby to turn. I was stuck at 8cm for 2 hours and the midwife had to manually complete my dilation in the end. The baby also "got stuck" while pushing and multiple positions had to be used to allow him to be born. His heart rate kept dropping and they were threatening to take me upstairs for a c section, they even brought a gurnie to my room. In the end I was was able to deliver him naturally.

I know that I would have ended up with a c section if I was not in good physical shape. I used every muscle in my body during the labor and I was so happy for all the squats and core work that we did in class. Also the exercises on holding painful positions for a minute were extremely helpful to me mentally. Every time I had a contraction, I kept thinking about how in class I was able to hold the position longer than I thought possible and that it would eventually end.

Please tell the girls in your class to keep it up even when they are tired or don't feel well. They will be thankful in the end. Also, my stomach went down in size dramatically faster than many women I have seen. I still have some weight and inches to loose, but I know the core exercises helped with that. I can't wait to be able to work out again to finish off the rest." - Ashlie Y


"I started taking prenatal yoga at Karma Kids with Annie at the start of my second trimester and loved it. It was such a great mix of relaxation and challenging poses and I continued with it right until I gave birth. Annie's focus on ab strength was exceptionally helpful. Right after I gave birth, my midwife commented that I had a large four finger separation in my abs (diastasis recti) and I would need to work really hard to repair them. I was really bummed. When I told Annie, she suggested I keep doing simple ab work we had done in class. I did them religiously (sitting on the couch) and at my 6 week postpartum check up, my abs had no separation whatsoever! My midwife was shocked and said "If you're abs are this strong now, what where they like before you were pregnant?"

Honestly, before I got pregnant, I barely worked out and had pretty wimpy abs. I'm so thankful to Annie and KKY for helping me build strength through my pregnancy that served me during my daughters delivery and my recovery! I can't wait to bring her to Mom & Baby class soon!" - Gillian W


"I'm very grateful for the support I have found at Karma Kids Yoga. We miscarried a couple of years ago and had already purchased a Prenatal package of classes...When I shared our heartbreaking news, I was consoled and reassured to: "Not worry....just come backwhen you get pregnant again...". That open, generous and positive attitude was beyond comforting to me and my partner and gave us peace of mind to trust, accept and let go.

Two years later we conceived and I have practiced Yoga and Pilates throughout my blessed and healthy pregancy. I feel awesome! Truly, all of the teachers and classes are amazing at Karma Kids Yoga because they are challenging yet always encourage moms to practice from their own comfort levels. Juliana is not only a no BS, smart, knowledgeable teacher, she also cares about how we mothers are navigating through our respective journeys, ie. she gave me a list of referrals to help us on our doula search...so helpful! Friday morning classes with Ginger are a real gem...one of NY's best kept secrets!

I also love that at the beginning of class, each mom is given the opportunity to share how she is feeling and any issues she may be experiencing....I have learned so much from the moms at Karma Kids Yoga, too...

Now that we are at 36 weeks, I am reflective and so looking forward to continuing my practice till our birth date...then continuing on to Mom & Baby classes though toddler/kids practice! What an awesome way to introduce our little miracle to a practice and way of life that is so meaningful. Thank you, Karma Kids Yoga team and community! The little light in me bows to the little light in you! Namaste!" - Kelli B


Our office is located at 16 Madison Square West, 12th Floor • between 24th and 25th Streetss. Our Phone is (646)638-1444 and email downdog@karmakidsyoga.com
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